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Stone Velna pēda (Devil’s Foot) in Puze

In the forest between Puze and Dundaga, approximately 3km from the road from Virpe to Blāzma, on a firebreak in a spruce-fir forest there is a great nature object – secular stone called “Velna pēda” (Devil’s Foot). It is sometimes also called “Robežakmenis” (Borderstone), “Vanagu dižakmenis” (Hawk’s Secular Stone) after the name of the closest house to it – “Vanagi” (a house of a forest-guard) or “Akmeņkalna Velna pēdu” (Stone Hills Devil’s Foot).

The stone is among 30 biggest secular stones in Latvia. The stone is 40 cubic meters big, its circuit is 17.3m and height 3.3m. Unfortunately, the stone is one of the most damaged secular stones in Latvia. Two big and at least three smaller pieces have been split off, as well as tiny fragments of it.

There is a geocaching ambush for those keen on geotourism in the attraction.

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