Mersrags Stony Beach

The municipality of Mērsrags is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Riga, beside Lake Engure and surrounded by extensive woodlands. It’s situated in northwest Latvia in wooded lowland close the sea. The total area of the municipality is 109 km2 (10896,2 ha). 63.7% of this area is woodland and Lake Engure covers 20.4%. The coastline is about 12 km. long.

Mērsraga ground horn and Devils rock - Mērsrags is the 2nd largest and expressive ground horn in Latvia – 18 ha. Narrow beach, what is many km long and underwater slope 3-12m, depth covered with rocks. Approx. 50m from the coast is situated Devils rock, of which the upper part(1.5m) is visible over the water level. The rock has a cavity, what is called Devils foot. Legend tells that that this rock horn appeared when devil was making a bridge over the Riga bay. Adress: next to the lighthouse.

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