The University of Latvia Botanical Garden

The University of Latvia Botanical Garden is established in 1922, the University of  Latvia Botanical Garden’s first location and early work was done in Dreiliņi. Currently, the LU Botanical Garden can be found where the Volfšmita manor once stood, and has been there since 1926. In the garden’s 15 hectare (37 acre) open-air territory, greenhouses, and tropical butterfly house there are butterflies from South America, Asia, and Africa, as well as 6,000 different plants that call it home. When it comes to walking, this green oasis is a city-dwellers favorite. Here you will find people who love to garden, are interested in botany, and even those who just want to stop and smell the roses. Some come to read a good book on a cozy bench and watch the seasons go by, and some just want to learn something new or see something they have never seen before.

The University of Latvia Botanical Garden offers guided tours in Latvian, English, and Russian. Through the tour, guests will have the opportunity to see exposition highlights, listen to the guide’s stories, and learn about garden origins as well as many interesting facts. A special tour called “Butterflies and Plants” is also offered, which teaches visitors more about the tropical butterflies’ world.

To get a better understanding of the broad topic of botany, students have the opportunity to take in classes at the LU Botanical Garden. In these classes, students learn about botany. To help that information absorb, they go on trips around the garden to identify relevant plants and play themed games. Inspired by the nature around it, the LU Botanical Garden hosts many different kinds of cultural events: concerts, lectures, dance performances, open-air films, yearly celebrations, solstice bazaars, and more. All of these events allow visitors to appreciate nature’s colors, understand current events, and to simply relax.

For nature lovers, the LU Botanical Garden invites you to spend your special occasions here! The garden hosts weddings, birthdays, baptisms, graduations, and any other special events. Celebrations will be held in the most beautiful and lush parts of the Botanical Garden, including the barn, palm house, or in the open-air.

The University of Latvia’s Botanical Garden blooms and flourishes all year round!

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