Sulphur Ponds Trail

Distance: 0,8 km (one way)

The trail is located at the Raganu (Witches) bog, which is one of the largest raised bogs at Ķemeri National Park. Here you may see a rare natural phenomenon in Latvia – several ponds have formed at sites where sulphur water outflows onto the surface, where the water flowing out of the springs accumulates. A quite unique sight turns out in spring, when different microorganisms start breeding, shading the water in ponds yellow. Being here, you shall feel a strong rotten eggs’ aroma, typical for sulphur water. Yet, before wrinkling the nose, remember – sulphur water has healing properties.

The trail is of good quality, covered with wooden planks. It is one-way (out&back) with a small loop at the end.

Witches’ Swamp and Sulphur Pond Plankway

The Witches’ (Raganu) swamp is one of the places in the Ķemeri National Park, where underground water outflows on the surface. At the places, where sulphur springs flow out, you will observe vegetation that is typical of calciphile grass bogs, because the water of springs is rich in calcium carbonate, too.

The sulphur pond plankway is set up on the western side of the Witches’ Swamp, half way between Ķemeri and Antiņciems. It takes you along a high bog, where you can study peculiarities of swamp ecosystems and its typical flora. Ponds of sulphur springs are situated at the end of the trail.

The trail is 0.8 km long. For the purposes of nature conservation, the trail may only be visited together with a park guide.

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