Steep shore of Ulmale- Strante

The steep coast stretches for several tens of kilometers, and its height reaches up to 16 m in some places. Remember that the steep bank is made of sand and clay, so walking on its overhangs and being under them is dangerous, as slides can form. During a storm, the waves crash over Liedag and dig into the steep shore, so every year the sea reclaims a piece of land.

Strante – Ulmale Seashore Bluffs enchants with untouched, wild nature and fabulous sunsets. A romantic destination whose atmosphere changes with the seasons and weather.

It is a protected natural object that starts a few kilometers north of Pavilosta. The steep bank of Kurzeme stretches for several tens of kilometers, and its height in some places reaches up to 16 meters, but the most impressive and unusual forms of the steep bank can be observed in the section of Strante - Ulmale.

It is a meditative place to enjoy the grandeur of nature with an overgrown, rippling cave-dotted cliff and pebbles underfoot.

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