Sloka Lake walking trail

The trail winds through diverse forest settings along the coastline of the lake populated by numerous waterfowl. It starts and ends next to Sloka Lake, where there is a car parking lot a picnic site and a 7 m high floating overhead platform for sightseers. Hiking on the trail takes you to a number of interesting sites: the swamp forests of Vēršupīte, a sulphur spring next to Sloka Lake, the great bolder and several swamp lakes. Walking on the trail gives you a chance to test your physical fitness by trying out the swing, walking on a narrow log, climbing and doing other fitness tests. The overhead platform is a good place for bird watching on Sloka Lake.

The trail is basically an earth trail. A boardwalk (of a width of 80 cm) has been constructed in the parts where the trail crosses Vēršupīte swamp forests and other wetlands.

The trail begins as an earth-covered path with no marking along the sides; there are signs made of red wood on the crossings with other tracks running through the forest. The trail ends at the road connecting Sloka Lake with Ķemeri. If you left your vehicle in the parking lot next to the lake, you have to take the earth road running left and return to the lake.

It is advisable to hike the trail in late spring, summer or autumn (in early spring and late autumn it might be flooded).

The time required for the walk is: 1.5 h.
Amenities: there is a parking lot and a picnic site.
The length of the boardwalk: 3.1 km (can be prolonged to 12 km)
Accessibility: the trail is not suitable for visitors in wheelchairs and is not equipped with a rail.

Getting there:

  • By train Rīga-Ķemeri-Tukums as far as Ķemeri rail station, then on foot (2.5 km) until “Meža māja”, then follow the sign to Sloka Lake (2 km).
  • By car drive along Talsi (P128) or Ventspils (A10) motorways as far as the turning point to Ķemeri, then along the main street through Ķemeri (2.5 km) and turn to the right at the sign “Slokas ezers” 2 km).
  • By bus: take bus No 6 from Sloka or minibus No 10 from the Bulduri TC to Ķemeri, get off at the bus stop of “Meža māja” and follow the sign to Sloka Lake (2 km).

 !!! In spring and autumn parts of the trail may be flooded. In rainy weather the boardwalks become slippery. Insect repellents for warding off mosquitos and ticks are required in summer. The trail is not suitable for visitors in wheelchairs or with children in push-chairs. Hiking along the boardwalk is free, and the boardwalk is open throughout the year.

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