Roja beach

Roja white sand beach is a great recreation place  for anyone who loves silence, nature and sea, as well as those who want to experience more extreme feelings during the windy season.

The public beach of Rojas will welcome visitors at any time of the year! The sea and nature here are always special and seductive at any time of the year. In the winter, when our coast experiences a longer frost and the sea slowly cools down, you can start enjoying real winter pleasures by skying along the sea, skiing along the sea and when spring approaches, the impressive ice stacks can be seen on the Roja coast. Not every year in Latvia there is enough cold and long winter, thats why the ice stacks on our side do not occur every year.

In the spring, when ice is already gone and birds slowly begin to come back, then it's time to take a quick spring walks along the sea and watch birds. In the spring (May) on the beach after the winter sleep, the The Blue Hope Piglet returns, the author of the work is the artist from Roja - Maris Grosbahs. Our "Blue Piglet" have already become popular not only for locals, but also the guests are happy and captivate it in photographs.

In the summertime, you can enjoy warm sun, swiming and a variety of sports activities such as beach volleyball, football, but for children there is a nice, colorful playground. At permitted places in the sea you can take a ride with water bikes or kiteboard, as well as various other extreme sports activities.

The beach area is well-equipped with toilets, dressing booths, wooden walkways, benches. Beach area is adapted for people with disabilities - adapted walking boardwalks, amenities, viewing and turning platforms. Also now people in wheelchairs are possible to get to the beach and enjoy unforgettable moments. There are parking places for disabled people at the car park. Free Wi-Fi internet access is available at the beach parking place.

On the Roja beach there is new wooden walkway which can also be used for people with functional disorders, also has a billboard displaying information for blind and partially sighted people in the braille. People with visual impairments can get information about plants in the area of Roja seaside dune, get acquainted with the Rojas beach scheme tactile card, and you can find information on available infrastructure and information on how to behave on Rojas beach.

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