River Misa

The Misa is a river, 108 kilometres long, in Semigallia, Latvia.Its upper course till tributary Zvirgzde river is rectificated. There are active peat extraction sites and polders on the banks of the river from the village of Stelpe to Beibeži. From the Zvirgzde river to the village of Plakanciems there are several summer cottage colonies on the wooded banks of the Misa. From below Plakanciems to the Misa's confluence with the Iecava near Ozolnieki, the land either side of the river has a relatively high population density.

 Left bank:  km  Right bank:  km
 Miļļupīte  11  Vārnupe 17
 Skujupīte    Taļķe 34 
 Medaine    Zvirgzde 30
     Vīksniņa 14 
     Olaine 13
     Cena 15 

The biggest settlements near the river are: Stelpe, Beibeži, Dzērumi, Plakanciems, Pēternieki, Dalbe and Ozolnieki.


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