River Iecava

The Iecava is a river in Latvia. Its source is formed from several springs near the village of Daudzese in Jaunjelgava municipality. Its mouth is located 4 km below the town of Jelgava on the Lielupe river.

The Iecava river flows through Taurkalne and Upmale low land where its river banks are mainly wooded. Near the town of Iecava it crosses the Zemgale low land and it reaches Lielupe river in Tīreļi low land.

The main water source (more than 50%) for the Iecava is meltwater from melting snow, whereas water from groundwaters is minimal (4-5%); as a result the river is usually in spate in the springs and has low water level in summers.

The Iecava has around 400 tributaries (including rivers, streams and ditches), the biggest of them are:

Left bank:
Kuma - 6 km
Ģirupe - 12 km
Smārde - 12 km
Ģedulis - 11 km
Īkstrums - 23 km:
Right bank:
Sudmaļupe - 6 km
Svētupe 6 km
Dzērvīte - 11 km
Briede - 10 km
Vēršupe - 15 km
Smakupe 26 km
Jāņupe - 20 km
Biržiņa - 16 km
Misa - 108 km


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