Remte Manor

Complex of this manor developed at the Medieval castle that has not preserved. Ludvig Butlar got this estate as feud in 1506. This was his family heirloom for 190 years. Next proprietors were von Brincken house. As they were not so good managers this estate was put on auction sale in 1722. Lieutenant Fridrich Kasimyr von Brucken became the proprieto of thos estate in 1723. His daughter merried for the third time on Jochan Fridrich von Medem in 1767. His was managing the manor complex after her decease in 1780. In 1799 he gained the title of count. This was his family heirloom till the agrarian reform in 1920. After 1920 manor was separated in smaller estates and the manor-house was used for the needss of local school.

Remte Manor (Latvian: Remtes muižas pils) is a manor house in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia. Originally built in 1800, it was modernized in 1880. The building currently houses the Remte primary school.

The earliest records date back to 1509 when the manor was owned by Butlar. 190 years later the manor was taken over by the Brinckens, then by the Brucken. Since 1767 the manor belonged to Medem. The manor was expropriated from their family in 1920 and after that the Remte School is located there.

The manor was erected in 1800 Classicist style. In 1880 the manor was completely rebuilt so that the architectural style is now Neo-Renaissance. In 1893 the estates of Saldus telegraph line were introduced. The "Sphinx" relief at the manor was built in 1800. Gutted by fire in 1905, manor was restored in 1926.

The peaceful, scenic park around the manor has an alley called Swine Alley (Latvian: Cūku aleja ) which leads toward nearby Jaunpils. Park covers an area of 26 hectares. It is decorated with pavilions, columns, towers. The park has a system of ponds and canals.

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