Priest Andrejs Medins

Andrejs Mediņš (Andrei Medinsh) was born on May 25, 1969 in a family of eight children. Parents were devout Catholics. In particular, Mom was very much alive in her faith. Andrejs could also see what it would be like to be a Christian who has Christian values from his father. Andrew (Andrejs) played the organ in the church with great enthusiasm, despite opposition in the Soviet school.

Andrejs Mediņš was born in Barbele, where he studied at Barbele Elementary School, then graduated from Mežotne Technical School as a dendrologist or gardener. Then he was sent to Afghanistan by the Soviet Army. There he learned to realize the value of life. One night Andrew said, "God, if you are, I'm ready to do anything in my life to just serve you. But then no more bullets or injuries – that will be a sign of your existence and then I'm ready to dedicate my life to you." When he returned to the barracks, there was complete peace in his heart and he didn't care what would happen. If there is an opportunity to return home, Andrew will surely learn to fulfill what he has promised to God.

On December 12, 1988, Andrejs Mediņš returned home and on December 13, entered the Riga Seminary. On June 9, 1996 Andrejs Mediņš was ordained a priest.

Inspired by the example of Mother Teresa, Andrew performed all kinds of mercy and relief work. But he was over sensitive to smells. The spiritual father advised to go to India, because who can withstand the smells of India, he has no problems in Latvia.

In Calcutta, Andrew was sent to a leper house. At first wash the linen. Everything was washed by hand, and the finger stones were rubbed sore. Only after some time did Andrew realize the meaning that any seemingly impossible job becomes possible with love. Also in everyday life - in the family.

But the real school started when it was time to wash the mutilated, rotting people. Another volunteer pointed to a page on the wall with a print of Michelangelo Pieta, which said, "Don't try to see a man here. All you see here is Christ, who suffers and cries for your love. ”And then something broke in Andrew. With great love, he washed the stinking body. On the third day, Andrew's well-groomed man went to eternity, and it gave a new understanding of love - nothing more important than the obligation to be with man before he stood before eternity. On his next trips to India, Andrew worked at the Dying House, where a volunteer's mission is to help dying ones feel loved and to go to heaven more easily. Mother Teresa's conclusion is that nowadays people die more because they are lonely and needless. Therefore, under the wing of the Mountain Blessing Community in Latvia, Andrew also needs a boarding house for the elderly in Vecumnieki.

Andrejs Mediņš has established and manages a Christian Rehabilitation Center – Mountain Blessing Community – at Brukna Manor, seeking to help those addicted to live meaningful lives. Under his direction is the restored Brukna Manor, which was turned into a pig farm and now abandoned and half-decayed. Together with the first three drug addicts and alcoholics, it all had to start all over again. Now the auxiliary farm has been nurtured, a church has been built. Now this place requires maintenance, not creation. But man is not meant to polish and clean rooms, but to create, change and transform. the boys were happy to have been able to take part in setting up the Barbel Boys' School. There is still a desire to rebuild the school for girls.

In 2017, A. Mediņš received the award “Latvijas lepnums” (Pride of Latvia), the Foundation “Viegli” (Easy) prize “Time for Ziedonis”, in 2018 – Latvian Association of Physicians Annual Health Award.

In 2019, celebrating his 50th anniversary, Andrejs Mediņš wanted to receive a tree seedling for a middle-aged garden as a gift. In 2019, celebrating his 50th anniversary, Andrejs Mediņš wanted to receive a tree seedling for a middle-aged garden as a gift. If he were not a priest, he would certainly be a gardener – If there was no way to help people purify their souls, he would cleanse the land from weeds.

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