Nature Trail Viesatas Upesloki

Distance: 8,2 km (the long route with the shortest way back)

Marking: Marked with special signs on trees – yellow stripe – the short route, red stripe – the long route, green stripe – the shortest way back

Type: Loop

This is a truly beautiful nature trail, which will be especially enjoyed by those who love to take a longer distance walk. The trail stretches along the Viesata River bank through the forest. Walking along the path, you might observe not only the birds, insects and forest plants, but will also see a number of interesting objects – peculiar shape trees, 200-year-old pines, rocky outcrops from sand, loam and pebbles, a spring, swine baths, as well as the spectacular big stone called Spuņņakmens at the farthest end of the trail.

Along the way, there are several viewing spots with benches for observing the scenery of the river circles, and few nice resting areas with games and campfire sites.

Under wet weather conditions, several parts of the trail may be slippery, which makes it difficult to descend/climb up the steep slopes and climbs of the trail.


When going on a walk along this trail, you will have an opportunity to see the steep banks of the river, a 200 year old pine-tree, the brown spring, the pig’s bath, a beaver house, a woodworking site, a black alder stand, a grand birch tree, the rock – Spuņņakmens, and many more nature objects. If you stay alert, you will see various birds; information about the bird species is provided in the stands that are set up along the trail. The trail is 5.1 km long one way, and it can be taken along 3 different routes. The trail is marked and can be walked without a guide. It will take 3 – 4 hours to track along the entire trail.

Contact information
Near "Kraujas", Irlava parish, Tukums region

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