Mini Zoo in Usmas parish

Farm “Lejnieki” was established in 2006 with the aim to raise sheep. After a little while an interest about other animal species aroused therefore a mini zoo was created. Owners of the mini zoo are especially proud of a bird garden where several bird species are living, including pigeons, peacock, pheasant, etc.

Guests can visit a junk museum where different household items used starting from the time when Kārlis Ulmanis was a president in Latvia (aprx. 1930) until the collapse of the Soviet Union (aprx. 1991). There is a library in a museum, as well as a room with a bed from ancient times for just married couples

For our tired guests we offer farmer’s lunch (if you want to try it, you should inform us in advance!). We offer to try not only a porridge made according to the local recipes, rye-bread with honey, “sklandrauši” (traditional vegetable tart in Kurzme), buns with lard, smoked meat, scrambled eggs, fish, curds with herring, coal-roasted potatoes, herb tea, but also sausages that have been smoked in Desuciems.

We have also a programme made according to Latvian tradions for just married couples and for other important events, as well as it is possible for just married couple to spend their honeymoon here, to take a horse ride in a forest, fish, go hiking, flap oneself with a bath besom in a “black bathhouse” and to rest in a bed from ancient times.

For longer relaxing in nature, we have provided great places to set up a tent – both in a forest and in a meadow full of flowers where you will be able to listen to birds singing, to watch bees and to see roes. We offer to flap oneself with a bath besom in a “black bathhouse”.

If you want to go for a walk, you can do that using forest roads and paths. Approximately in one kilometer radius around the farm there are four lakes – Lake Ilziķi, Lake Lakšezers, Lake Usmas, and Lake Pelču. There are two rivers nearby called Zābak-upe and Tīrukšupe. Four kilometers from the farm there are the River Stende, Pelcīšu swamp, Aļļu pine, one kilometer from the farm there is a SPA Hotel Usma. At our neighbors it is possible to fish carps and to spend a romantic weekend on a lonely island.

Not far from the farm there is a ditch where beavers are living, cutting trees and building dams.

There are a lot of berries in the forest such as blackberries, dewberries, wild strawberries, red bilberries, bog bilberries. You can take a horse road to go to Stikli swamps after cranberries. There are good places to pick mushrooms such as chanterelles, penny buns, button mushrooms, russulas and different other mushrooms; paying special attention one will be able to find some truffles.

You can find us in Usma parish Desuciems. It is 141km from Rīga, 45km from Ventspils. Approximately 1km from the road from Ventspils to Rīga, crossing the level crossing on the left side of the road there is a house called Lejnieki.  
+371 29 103 871

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