Lake Dzirnavu promenade

Lake Dzirnavu is a beautiful place with an interesting history in the centre of Valmiera for walks and leisure.

Lake Dzirnavu is located at the foot of a medieval fortification called Zilais bastions (Blue Bastion). The water mill operated here from the 17th century until 1937 when the mill building was demolished.

The fountain, which is like a bouquet in the middle of the lake Dzirnavu, is beautifully illuminated in the evenings. Walking paths and observation decks are installed all around the lake.

After your trip to the interesting sites of Valmiera you can rest on the benches and view the sculpture Sundial (Saules pulkstenis) by Matiass Jansons that depicts the passage of time.

In ancient times the lake served a practical purpose — defence of the city. The lake and the Rātsupīte River dam and sluice were intended for raising the water level in case of warfare.

In the 19th century the Rātsupīte River and the lake marked the border between the territories of Valmiera city and Valmiermuiža.

There are many stories of looters hurrying to cross the border because they could not be punished outside the territory of the city.

Nowadays the vicinity of Lake Dzirnavu is a peaceful and beautiful place for leisure and walks particularly suited to families with children because of the nearby playground.

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