Kemeri Green Dune Trail

The Green Dune is one of the most interesting dune formations in the Ķemeri National Park. It separates the Green Bog (Zaļais purvs), which at places can be seen to the West from the Dune, from the Witches’ Bog (Raganu purvs). The Green Bog is the source of inspiration for the name of the dune. In 2012, a tourist trail will be set up here to help the hikers stay on the track and not get lost in the forests and bogs.



The route is meant for active hikers or Nordic walkers. The route covers the western part of the town of Ķemeri, as well as the Green Dune, which is one of the most interesting aspects of the Ķemeri National Park. The Green Dune is an impressive barrier of dunes which stretches at a length of several kilometres, crossing a virginal swamp and passing through a forest of coniferous trees. The Raganu swamp can occasionally be espied on the eastern side of the Green Dune, while the Zaļais swamp is on its western side. If it is rainy, bring waterproof footwear, because there are a couple of places along the routes where you’ll be crossing very old wooden pathways across a swamp. It is also true that the Green Dune has been damaged very much by people who illegally drive mechanical vehicles there, and so please, let’s all be careful with the natural treasures here – let’s go on foot.


Length ~14 km

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