Jelgava Palace Island

Jelgava Palace island is an island between two rivers Lielupe and Driksa. The University's main building – Jelgava palace – is located on this island. The major part of an island is nature reserve - Lielupe Floodland Meadows. The nature reserve contains specific plant and bird species and there live more than 70 wild horses. The area is suitable for peaceful walks and studies of the nature. 

A wooden viewing tower with a well-equipped picnic place in Jelgava, Palace Island, was formed in the summer of 2018. It is intended for observation of the wild horses, birds, two rivers and city panorama in the floodland meadows of the river Lielupe. A 3.2 km long Health Trail starts at the foot of the tower and leads towards the northern direction of the Palace Island; it is suitable for walks, Nordic walking and biking. Health Trail is closed during the nesting time of birds from April 1 to June 30, and at that time wild horses and birds can be observed only from the viewing tower.

If you would like to have a guided excursion of the Palace Island, it should be booked beforehand by calling +371 20264343.

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