Exhibition "de Woldemer", Valmiera Museum

In the most historic part of the old town – in the territory of the castle, Valmiera’s oldest wooden building and new, modern architecture coexist. The Valmiera Museum is located inside the castle walls. In addition to the rich historical collection, there are current art exhibitions.

The museum’s new exhibition de Woldemer takes visitors into the story of ancient Valmiera. The oldest history of the town and castle, the world views of the Valmierians of the past, the might of the Hanseatic merchants and the skills of the craftsmen meet there. Accompanied by a guide or individually, you are welcomed to take a tour of the exhibition. The building of De Woldemer also houses the Valmiera Tourism Information Center, and it is also possible to buy various types of souvenirs with the symbols of Valmiera and Valmiera region.

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