Dairy Museum

The Milk Manor complex houses the only dairy museum in Latvia – a real museum about real milk for both big and small.

The museum was opened in 2007 and offers to remember, understand, feel and enjoy – what milk is, where it comes from, and how it is treated before it gets to our table. Everything about milk – from the cow’s teat to a glass bottle or carton!

Tours around the Dairy Museum

Live the Milk Story!

  • Get acquainted with the history of the dairy industry Latvia,
  • View the equipment used in dairy farms,
  • Understand the cream and butter making process,
  • View the museum’s exhibits

Take active part in the tour - Milk Way!

  • Get acquainted with the extensive exhibition,
  • Watch a 25-minute film about the dairy industry,
  • Roll up your sleeves and milk a cow,
  • Separate cream and whip butter

Didactic cow and calf
The speaking wooden cow Venta and calf Druvis, made especially for the Dairy Museum, live in the museum and will tell you where milk comes from.

The Dairy Museum welcomes all – families with children, groups of travelers and individuals. The museum offers 250 exhibits that have come from different locations, collective farms, and given as presents by dairy farms and individuals. One of the most valuable exhibits is a present given by the British Queen to Latvian dairy farmers for the best export butter in the 1930s, and a butter box.

Sieksāte, Piena muiža – Berghof, LV-3325
+371 633 31233
+371 26518660

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