Barbele Boys School ''Roots and Wings''

In Barbele, in the premises of the former elementary school, the Brukna community forms a new type of school - the new father’s school, which would provide suitable conditions for the growth of boys that are developed, versatile, capable and responsible persons of good judgment.
It is a school in which learning occurs not through fears because life is often frightening enough, but by stimulating positive thinking doing good according to the program we created.
It will be a primary school that will offer basic education programs, Montessori education programs and special, exclusive craft programs for boys age 1 to 6. Boys at such a school would learn to grade 6, but could later enter a higher education program.

Roots and Wings is planned as a multifunctional educational center with a priority as a boys school with an aviation orientation - boys are given the opportunity to study in the most appropriate way for them (more dynamically, lessons are not only spent in school, but a lot of the time is spent outside, managing and living in nature, emphasizing practicality, ability to take responsibility, thus forming men that will be responsible fathers in the future).
Boys experience the family environment in a community based on Christian values (loving, warm relationships, shared meals and cleaning work).Work is done with a higher goal (serving God and the people closest to us, doing everything in the name of God, participating in God’s plan for this place and society), rather than formally, such as solely for the obligation or only for income.

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